4 Arm - Submissions for Liberty - Review

Rising Records


By: Alex Young

Australia’s thrash metal juggernauts 4 Arm debuted in 2005 with their release of “Empires of Hate”, and after opening for metal legends Testament, the band returns with their sophomore album “Submissions for Liberty”. Teaming up with producer Matt Hyde, who’s worked with notable acts including Slipknot, Trivium and Machine Head, he put his touch on “Submissions of Liberty”.

The opening track “Sinn Macht Frei” features subtle piano chords building into a crescendo that erupts into the white-knuckle mosh pit anthem “While I Lay Awake”, containing a razor sharp solo after a molten hot breakdown. The desecrating drum intro on appropriately titled “Raise a Fist” is backed up by ravenous guitar rhythms that sound like they were designed to accompany an army charging into war while the lyrics “Rise up and conquer” soar before a savage guitar solo. The closing track “Blood of Martyrs” would definitely make for an interesting change in dynamics with its acoustic intro that builds into the band’s signature brand of melody-driven metal madness.

Each song on “Submissions for Liberty” contains break-neck drum beats, high flying leads, skull crushing guitar riffs and vicious vocals. 4 Arm would definitely strike a chord with fans of modern metal like Avenged Sevenfold or Bullet for My Valentine that abide by the old school code of the thrash forefathers like Metallica or Megadeth. It’s honestly surprising that 4 Arm hasn’t begun North American metal audiences considering they could easily find a home on festivals like Gigantour or Uproar Festival.