Andrew Cole - Why We Wonder album review

Strut Entertainment

by Melissa Doyle

Wondering and worrying is nothing new to Andrew Cole.  With his new album, Why We Wonder, Cole has filled it with songs that allow for the listener to understand the meaning, and yet, have it diverse enough to make your own sense of what you want each song to mean to you.

The last song on the album, which is oddly enough the first one that was written, was not originally intended to be on the album.  Listed as being a sixteen-minute song, with a break of about eight minutes of silence, it is one of the most raw pieces one can hear in their life.  It is a real and honest piece, in which you can envision the expression on Cole’s face as he sings. 

Destined to become a stellar single “Just You Care” has the gentleness of the piano, giving it a hint of jazz essence.

Cole’s offerings all seem like love songs, but after listening to them more than once, one realizes they are much deeper than having only one meaning. 

“Dead Roses” is one that stands alone, having its own catchy intro lyrics: “Well I should have kissed you, don’t dismissed you”, taking opposing actions and placing them one after the other, to add for a strong effect. With the soft punch of the guitar, it gives it the perfect acoustic blend to hum along to.

With this being the first album for Andrew Cole, it gives off an indie rock, yet jazzy vibe.  Those who like Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, or the Beatles and The Doors, will definitely enjoy this.