Andrew W.K. - Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto - March 27th, 2012

By Anny Slama
Photos by Jack Alexander

What does a man whose name is synonymous with partying do to top all his previous parties since the release of his debut album? He takes that album, the one that made him who he is, and takes it on a world tour to celebrate ten years since its release. A decade of partying at venues all over the world, and the tracks from "I Get Wet" still fill the house, because you know that if you came to party, you will party hard.

Andrew WK's tour brought him to the Phoenix Concert theatre in Toronto after a European leg, many US dates, and a whole lot of tour still on the schedule. 2012 also saw the release of Andrew's collaboration with Canadian Nardwuar and his band The Evaporators. We've asked him how he keeps up the energy and what keeps him partying ten years on.

"It's a pleasure and a privilege to have folks want to party with me and it definitely makes me feel good. This whole tour we've been giving away tickets to the shows, and that's a way to give gifts, and I love giving gifts." When a performer's drive is his love for partying with his fans, there will not be an off night, and Andrew looks to be absolutely loving every performance of his thus-far ten year old career.

Amid the crowdsurfing and screaming-along at the sold-out Phoenix were Andrew's biggest crowd pleasers, "Party Hard" and the song that propelled him to the party realm all those years ago, "She Is Beautiful". Andrew played "I Get Wet" in its entirety, along with freeform guitar jams, piano riffs and the Canadian anthem. You can guess how that went over.