Bombay Bicycle Club - The Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto - March 1, 2012

By Sarah Myers

If you’ve been keeping an eye on indie rock over the past few years it’s likely you’ve been anticipating the return of England’s Bombay Bicycle Club (BBC). Headlining an intimate show last year at Lee’s Palace, their rise in popularity calls for bigger venues and judging from the state of The Phoenix this past Thursday, they’ll definitely need something bigger next time around.

The Darcys – a well-known indie band from Toronto – had the effortless task of revving up the audience. Though things had been a little rough for the band a little over a year ago, their performance no doubt showcased their growth in the past year and their ability to overcome obstacles. If you missed their set this tine around - don’t fret, they’ll be back to play Edgefest this summer.

Bombay Bicycle Club hit the stage around 9:30pm and took it slow, opening with “How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep” from their latest record A Different Kind of Fix. Like a perfectly crafted mental workout, smooth, funky bass lines filled the room as they took it up a notch with the introduction of “Your Eyes” from the same LP. The crowd was a healthy mix of 20 and 30somethings with some energetic teenagers sprinkled in, standing too close, flailing their extremities and stressing me out. 

The show maintained a quick pace as BBC ripped through tracks from each studio record including “Rinse Me Down” and “Ivy & Gold” from 2010s Flaws. By the time the encore rolled around the seafood I had ingested earlier was beginning to wreak havoc on my body and yet I continued to watch the show, if that’s any indication of the caliber of performance. And though this bout of food poisoning made my existence less than desirable at the time, sticking it out was the best thing I could have done.