Die Mannequin - Revival Bar, Toronto - March 21, 2012 - Canadian Music Week

Review and Photos by Scott McAlpine


Rockers and punk lovers alike gathered at The Revival Bar on the first night of Canadian Music Week to watch Toronto’s own Die Mannequin take the stage at 11:30p.  With their new album set to drop in late April, the band was anxious to get their set underway as they darted around and set up their gear.  Then after a brief introduction they were off and running with a high octane but relatively short and succinct 9-song set.

Led by wild woman Care Failure, Die Mannequin has amassed a loyal following as they’ve opened for such bands as Marilyn Mason, Guns n’ Roses, and Buckcherry, to name a few, and the devotion was obvious when fans were quick to push forward and cram the stage as Care and crew opened with “Intruder” from their 2009 release, Fino + Bleed.  Next up was ‘Orson Wells 2012”, to give fans a taste of their new single. Other well-known offerings in the first half of the set included “Saved by Strangers” and “Dead Honey”. 

It was approximately at this point that Care hopped off the stage and into the crowd where she sang as she writhed around the floor.  Returning to her post, she picked up her guitar along with an empty beer bottle that she used as a slide, and proceeded to shred as fans cheered and bass guitarist Anthony Bleed bounced around rowdily as he played beside her.  Finished with the bottle, she then whipped it haphazardly across the stage, causing audience members to duck and applaud before leading her band through the remainder of the performance that included playing “Do It Or Die”, “Bad Medicine”, and “Candide”.  

In addition to new music on the horizon, Die Mannequin looks forward to the release of their film Hard Core Logo 2.