D.O. – Heavy In The Game – Album Review

Northstarr Entertainment

By Matt Ing


You’re tellin’ me that the first track is named after the great Celtic, Bill Russell, the second track is a skit which has Bill Cosby preaching about playing “the sh*t out of” your game,” and to top it off, you scored a slew of helping hands from Maestro, Rochester and Classified, all of whom are living legends in Canadian hip hop culture!? You damn right you must be defying the odds.

And that’s exactly what D.O. stands for – Defy the Odds. He hails from the great white northern city of Toronto, where everyone’s a shark-like critic and if you don’t at least try to defy the odds, you’ll get eaten alive. He’s the Guinness World Record holder for the longest freestyle rap and he’s looking to further preach his presence with his third studio album, “Heavy in the Game.”

Smooth sounding rhythms mixed with a mellow-type rasp of a voice and you get D.O. “Heavy In The Game” is the type of record you pop in on a warm summer night just as you’re about to kick back in your hammock…or lawn chair, no one’s judging. The beats are clean and don’t come across as a surplus of sounds thrown together by an indecisive producer, which a lot of Toronto cats are used to hearing. D’s approach is that of a calm veteran. There’s no rage in his sound, because there doesn’t need to be. “You can’t hate on D because he does it so gracefully,” he says.

Standout tracks include “Heavy in the Game”, which has an amazing feature from Halifax’s J-Bru. “Now why you talking about the bang bang, my brain is my army and my words are my chain gang,” yeah, and that’s just a taste of what type of artillery Bru and D.O. suited up with on this joint. Your coolin’ out summer song comes in the form of “It’s On,” (which was produced by one of Canada’s most respected emcees, Classified) and your motivational ego boost track has definitely got to be “Ah Yeah.”

You can find the free album online via the bandcamp.com.