DZ Deathrays – Bloodstreams – Album Review

Dine Alone Records

By Aaron Tamachi

When one hears the term ‘party music’ they typically relate it to being bombarded by overly done trance/electronica with bass drops and a simplistic performance. However, the Brisbane, Australia duo that forms DZ Deathrays is quite the contrary. They are redefining the thrash-pop genre by blasting beats and belting screams that are sure to send a thrill down your spine.

Shane Parsons (vocals and guitars) and Simon Ridley (drums) initially created this band (originally DZ) to perform strictly for parties, however, this quickly grew into something bigger than what they potentially imagined, and have seen exponential growth in the short time they’ve been touring. Commended for their exceptional live ‘party’ performances and love for their fans, DZ Deathrays has accelerated to the top of music charts in the USA and UK. It was not long ago that DZ created their first EP ‘Ruined My Life’ (Inertia, 2010), and not after they began international tours in UK and USA tours full time. If you attended Canadian Music Week 2012 in Toronto you may have experienced their live performance at the legendary Bovine Sex Club.

DZ Deathrays has formed their latest full length LP Bloodstreams (Dine Alone Records, 2012). This twelve-track powerhouse features the single “Dollar Chills”, which is sure to make your feet tap and your jaw drop. The accompanying video features our chrome-skulled friends urban exploring, destroying their surroundings, and experimenting with street art. This album was produced by Richard Pike of PVT (aka Pivot) who was responsible for the production of two records by Triosk (The Leaf Label).

The album will drop May 8, 2012, and even though DZ has been pumping out new material about once a month for the past 2 years, it feels as though the release has been a long time development. There is a fantastic flow between songs, almost as if the listener is on a journey. The lyrical simplicity and the special focus on heavy drums and intricate guitar makes this duo stand out amongst the many bands and groups in this music scene.

A standout track is undoubtedly “Dinomight” due to the raw flow, dynamics, and pounding drums similarly found in and throughout prestigious acts such as Death from Above 1979, Rage Against the Machine, and Motley Crue. Parson’s elaborate vocals will pique the interest of not only listeners from the thrash genre, but will carry over to listeners of metal, punk, and classic rock.