Enter Shikari - Annex Wreckroom - April 8, 2012

By Trystan MacDonald
Photo by Mike Bax


What an incredible show! If you missed seeing Enter Shikari at the Annex Wreckroom last Sunday, then you missed out on some seriously epic times. From a very insane opening band, a giant Styrofoam skull, laser lights and random actions by the band and the fans; there was no shortage of insanity or energy at the show.

Enter Shikari came out to their signature opening song “System...” leading into the song “...Meltdown”, and within seconds you could feel the Wreckroom’s floor shaking as everyone was jumping up and down. I was genuinely afraid for my safety as the floor swelled with more and more people. I’m not sure if it was during “Jester” or “Ghandi Mate, Ghandi” when the lead singer, Roughton Reynolds, grabbed onto the piping running along the ceiling of the Wreckroom. This action would become a trend for the entire show with members of the band and the crowd climbing and swinging on the various support structures and piping of the venue.

It was during the opening to “Ghandi mate, Ghandi” that I really took in Roughton’s stage presence as a front man. His performance is rather unique, alternating between a typical rock front man and an MC, as if he were in a hip-hop group. Through his charisma and stage presence, it’s obvious that he’s able to direct the energy of the crowd, and it’s apparent as to how much the fans love him.

After a few more songs, ‘Skully’ - a giant Styrofoam skull mask that was created by a fan in the audience - would make its debut on the head of guitarist Liam Clewlow. After crowd surfing while wearing the skull, Liam would continue to play for several minutes to the amusement of the crowd and his fellow band mates. For the rest of the night Skully would make many appearances, on several different fans in the mosh pit, to stage diving and crowd surfing. At one point Skully could be seen climbing the giant metal girder in the center of the Wreckroom’s floor before jumping off and crowd surfing.

Enter Shikari is a band that knows itself and knows its fans. I’ve heard how powerful their shows were, but I’ve never had the chance to experience one until last Sunday. To see a band so completely immersed in their music and the crowd was quite an experience. The added chaos that came from the honesty of their music was just a bonus. Their sound, given their mixture of influences, makes their music and their live show incredibly unpredictable, yet creates a flow of energy that continues to build upon enormous momentum from the crowd. Enter Shikari was nothing short of flawless on Sunday, and I personally cannot wait until I see them again.

1. System...
2. ...Meltdown
3. The Feast
4. The Jester
5. Gandhi Mate, Gandhi
6. Sorry, You’re Not a Winner
7. Havoc B
8. Destabilise
9. Mothership
10. Search Party
11. Juggernauts
12. Arguing with Thermometers
13. Enter Shikari
14. Solidarity
15. Sssnakepit