Hanson - The Phoenix, Toronto – February 10, 2012

By Sarah Myers
Photo Courtesy of Strut Entertainment


It’s been about 15 years since they were huge, but this past Friday night Hanson proved that even though they’re no longer in the spotlight, they still maintain an immense following. The Phoenix was packed from wall to wall with screaming girls.

Starting off singing a’ cappella in their younger years, it’s no wonder that their live show is nothing short of exceptional. With every harmony hitting perfect pitch, each song is delivered flawlessly and no doubt better than the record. The guys kicked off their lengthy set with “Waiting for This” from their 2010 release “Shout it Out”. Closely following was a childhood favourite of mine from their breakthrough record, Middle of Nowhere, “Minute Without You”.

Catchy tunes and corny banter carried the show along splendidly as every word out of Taylor Hanson’s mouth had the crowd going wild. Midway through the show, drummer Zac Hanson slowed it down for a solo acoustic performance of “Need You Now” followed by a solo performance by eldest brother Isaac Hanson for the track “Being Me”. These solos truly showed that while the band is solid when together; separately their infinitely talented.

Though boy bands seem to be a thing of the past there’s no denying that Hanson’s hard work and dedication have paid off thus far. With an expansive catalogue of eight studio albums, they have the ability to make each performance unique. And while this isn’t a show I would normally attend I’ll always give credit where it’s due…. and it’s definitely due in this case.