An interview with Aaron and Kyle from Breathe Carolina - Warped Tour - July 2010

By Aaron Binder
Photos by Mike Bax

Some people are just looking for an emotion; a series of chemical and electric connections in the brain that create a response to some sort of input.  The end result may just end up being the raising of an arm to pick up a coffee cup.  It may also be much more important, a well-timed smile, the right words at the exact right moment, breathing in and out.

Breathe Carolina is a band of people that are always searching for that reaction.  They want new friends and they want them to feel things through their music, it is after all why they started playing; to make a connection.

We made a connection at Warped Tour 2010 in Toronto and spoke about fans, full-time touring and their insatiable drive to succeed at partying hearty.

Aaron: I’ll have you guys introduce yourselves on recording.

Kyle: Yeah, yeah. My name’s Kyle Even.

David: I’m David Schmitt.

Aaron: And what do you guys play in Breathe Carolina?

Kyle: I’m Kyle and it’s uh screaming half I guess you could call me.

David: I’m Dave and I’m like the other singing half.

Aaron: One thing that kind of interested me about you guys is that you do have a full band compared to a lot of other bands in your genre of music like Brokencyde or if you want to get a little more hardcore-

David: No, yeah, yeah, yeah, …

Aaron: Yeah, yeah, um, you guys actually have a band backing you up. Was that like a really conscious decision or did it just kind of morph into that when you guys started out?

Kyle: I mean, when we started we didn’t really know how we were going to go about it you know what I mean like when we first started playing shows cause we’re just like we come from playing in full bands you know what I mean, you know, guitar and bass, drums and uh going into this kind of world where- made, like made electronically, you know, created that way like how were we going to evolve it live and I think it’s taking time to finally get to the point, you know, where we can have, you know a drummer and have like everybody. We’ve always had keyboardists we’ve always had lights but I think just adding the drums kind of made it like feel, you know, a little more full band.  Our boy Eric actually played with David in an old band so we’ve known him for a long time.

Aaron: That’s cool.  You guys also just released a second album last year and you’re already going back into the studio.

Kyle: Yeah.

Aaron: Obviously you must be some sort of creative geniuses or crazy.

David: Pretty Crazy.

Kyle: We like making songs.

David: Our last cd came out like within a year of the first cd that got released, so we just like to constantly be recording and writing and just…it’s like what keeps bands floating, you know what I mean. We can’t wait like three years to put out a cd so we’re just like-

Kyle: We want to just kind of bang your brain, you know like, especially in this world time goes by so fast that you already have enough information in your head like new ideas and stuff to make a new album.

Aaron: Yeah.

Kyle: We’ve decided it’s time for us to go back in.

Aaron: Yeah. Do you guys find it kind of like a refining process, putting out an album so frequently?

David: Uh, I mean

Kyle: We’ve only put out two so it’s kind of just like we’re still in the experiment stage, you know what I mean. We still have a lot left in us before we’re, I think, before we’re just like alright let’s zone in really hard and like really define it but we just like to just see what happens.

Aaron: Yeah.

Kyle: We did every song on the last record in three days or less. Each track, you know, go in, fix the skeleton, start working on vocals, you know, get to the bridge part, do that, move on to the next song. Then we go back to the song and rethink. It’s just like a constant layering process. So I don’t know like refinement was never an issue. It’s always just what’s happening and like are we having fun with it? Do we like it?

Aaron: So I, I guess recording so quickly, you guys work well under pressure.

Kyle: We work best that way.

David: Yeah.

Aaron: So warped tour, Take Action Tour, which you guys just mentioned you’ve been on, there is a huge amount of pressure on those type of tours because you just, you keep going and you don’t stop until the end of it. Um, how do you find uh, you guys do on this kind of thing here? Like what’s the uh, response like from the crowd? How do you handle it by the end of the tour as well?

Kyle: Like our kids, like I think they just like kids that have come out to our shows and I mean we’ve been touring for two years straight, you know, like pretty you know, maybe like two moths of the year we’re you know in terms of break from touring. But our kids know what to expect from us, from our show and they have fun with it.

Aaron: Yeah.

Kyle: They’re not, they’re not, they’re not wallflowers you know what I mean, they-

Aaron: Yeah, they’re out there. They get into it.

Kyle: We love, we love that, man. Like we love, we love our fans and they have fun and even the ones that, even the ones that are like the wallflower type they still, they still bob their heads, you know.

David: Yeah.

Kyle: I dunno, we try to make them feel special.

Aaron: Yeah.

Kyle: And they feel it.

Aaron: So you guys kind of seem like uh, two, two guys that just, I don’t know, I don’t want to say got lucky, but worked really hard to get where you are and you just, you love it. You love doing this, obviously.

David: You’ve got to.

Kyle: Oh yeah.

Aaron: What was it like? Like, when did you realize that you were actually kind of doing this and doing it to a point where this is all you really had to do.

David: I think, I think like for me like the first thing I really noticed was like when we went, when we went to our first out of state show because in Colorado we were like selling out smaller venues and so that was the first kind of like, ‘woah, this is kind of sick’. Like none of the other bands have ever done that so that’s kind of crazy and then when we went out of state … for the very first time and like kids knew who we were and stuff and so we were like woah like this is something we like need to work harder on and like kind of get more serious about shit so it was a while ago when we first started touring I think.

Kyle: When we first started making stuff to like put up on myspace like we were on it talking to people it wasn’t like we were just making it happen you know like we, we wanted it you know like we, we weren’t just sitting back and just letting it kinda just kind of float around like we wanted it.

Aaron: Yeah, yeah.

Kyle: You can’t just like expect things to happen you have to like, take it, you know. You have to stretch it out so you can handle it.

Aaron: Yeah.

Kyle: No ones going to do it for you.

Aaron: Yeah you, I know you guys were ones of those band um out there right now using social media really really well. You’re very active with it and how did that come about for you guys?  I know you said you have to do it but have you guys always kind of been connected with that or was it an active decision that said well we need to do this?

David: No I mean we’re just chatty people man, we just…I think a lot, I think maybe if you ask like other bands on the tour like what do you, you know give me one word to sum up Breathe Carolina I think a lot of them would say that we’re partiers. It’s just cause that’s how we just like to make friends we just want people to see like the real in us and like that’s our way to do it you know what I mean, you know sharing a beer, you know smoking a cig together or something like that its like, it’s an easy way to communicate with somebody to let them know you’re just like them.

Aaron: Yeah.

David: You know and that, I think that’s what we’ve always been good at is, it’s just we like people, we like hanging out so I think that…so it’s the same, it’s the same right here talking to you, we just want you to feel like we’re just hanging out.

Aaron: Well you guys have a lot of friends on the tour as well.

David: Oh hell yeah.

Aaron: That’s got to be pretty cool for you guys.

David: Yeah, our minds are so occupied with the other bands we’ve been on tour with and there’s Mikey from Anarbor…

Kyle: Oh boy.

Aaron: So, uh, one last question for you guys.  You said you’re going to be writing a new album as soon as you’re done warped tour.

Kyle: Yeah.

David: Yup.

Aaron: Uh, released next year I’m guessing and when are you coming back to Canada? I know you guys have a lot of Canadian fans that want to know, obviously.

David: Hopefully like we’re doing another tour in the fall but we haven’t seen our routing for that at all so hopefully, hopefully around then.

Kyle: Yeah ... Yeah. It should be, we’ll know, I think they’re going to post, I think they’re going to post the dates for that like in October, or not in October, like August. August? So we’ll find out if we’re coming back to Canada maybe if not, if not this, if not like end of this year then next year for sure.

Aaron: Cool, alright guys. Well thanks a lot and uh, have fun on the tour.

David: Thanks for hanging out with us.