An Interview with Mette Lindberg of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - February 3, 2012

by Jamie Lincoln

However out-of-this-world The Asteroids Galaxy Tour may be, despite their fame, leading lady Mette Lindberg remains grounded and effortlessly cool. Most famously known for their hit “Around the Bend” having been featured on iPod touch commercials, Mette still affirms it’s better to live in the moment than to try and recreate one using Steve Jobs’s iconic invention. Currently on tour promoting their latest album, Out of Frequency, Mette takes time out of her busy schedule to talk fashion, burgers, and her love for all things music.

Jamie: How long have you and Lars known each other? Where did you two meet, and what made you decide to start a band?

Mette: That’s a good question. We know each other from the music scene in Copenhagen, and we’ve known each other for maybe eight years. We started out playing together eight years ago in a band – not for a long time, just a short while. Years passed and one day Lars called me again and said, “Hey Mette, you need to listen to this!” When I heard what he had produced, I was blown away from the sound – it was just what I had in my head and what I wanted to make. So we just started recording and playing around with the music and finishing the first album. So that was sort of how it all started! [Laughs]

Jamie: And that was in 2007, right?

Mette: In the summer, so about four and a half years ago, or so.

Jamie: And you got your first big break when you opened for Amy Winehouse?

Mette: Well, it was the first show we ever played.

Jamie: Oh, really?

Mette: Yes! [Laughs]

Jamie: So what was it like playing for her?

Mette: Well, I never met her, but I really loved her voice – I still do, and it’s so sad she’s not here anymore. She had a great voice and a great personality, but it was just cool to have the opportunity to put on such a great act in a sold-out local venue. That’s one hell of a start!

Jamie: Oh yeah, definitely. And since then, you guys have been pushed into the spotlight, having been featured on iPod and Heineken ads. How does it feel reaching such a huge audience?

Mette: It feels pretty good! As a band, building up a fan base, you want people to know about the music so we can play great shows and have a good time. To be able to do this, you need to have fans. We grabbed the opportunity to reach out to a larger audience, and it worked really well. That’s one of the main reasons for doing ads and stuff like that – to make people aware of your music.

Jamie: Definitely. In this day and age, with every 15-year old girl thinking she has the right to become a famous singer, I think it’s really important to develop a unique sound and image. If you could describe your sound in one word, what would it be?

Mette: Well, it would not be possible! [Laughs] We like our music to be open, so that everything is possible. We like so many different genres, and so many different things inspire us, like movies – we really like David Lynch. We like to play around and really paint with the music. We like so many different things; it’s like trying to choose your favourite colour, but what if you actually prefer all of them?

Jamie: Totally. I’ve heard you guys described as psychedelic.

Mette: If you say so! [Laughs] We like funk music, jazz and hip-hop, and we try to work around that. We don’t think about doing this and that, we just do it. You use what you have.

Jamie: You’ve got a really interesting vibe going on. Tell me – does your hair look like that effortlessly, or do you spend hours trying to give it that I-just-rolled-out-of-bed look?

Mette: [Laughs] I usually do it myself! I like to use beach spray and stuff like that to make it dry. I’ve been so lucky on this tour right now, I’ve got a friend and she’s helping out with make-up and hair, so it’s like, “Okay, what are we going to do today?” It’s great and I save some time. [Laughs] Usually it doesn’t take me that long, but it looks a little bit better when she does it.

Jamie: [Laughs] That must be nice having someone there who knows all about hair and can style it however you want.

Mette: It must be every girl’s dream to have someone who can say, “Okay, we can do this or that!”

Jamie: Oh, absolutely. You really never know when a bad hair day will strike!

Mette: [Laughs] Yeah!

Jamie: I’ve never been to Denmark, but I’m pretty positive the people of Copenhagen are way ahead of the North American curve when it comes to fashion. What’s your favourite item in your closet right now?

Mette: Again, I don’t have that, but I think that every girl should have a glitter jacket.

Jamie: Oh, yeah?

Mette: A glitter cardigan, a glitter jacket - just to wear on top of a dress, or jeans. You can wear it for everyday and you can use it when you go out.

Jamie: You definitely seem to wear a lot of sequins.

Mette: Yeah, I love that. [Laughs] I don’t think I can get enough.

Jamie: Tell me about your new record, Out of Frequency.

Mette: We’ve spent the last one and a half years working on it, playing around with all the instruments and stuff. It’s been so fun working on this – we didn’t care if somebody said, “It needs to be like this,” we wanted to do it the way we wanted to do it. If we wanted a heavy beat, we would make it that way and if I wanted to sing like “Ah!” or like “Blah!” I would do that. I think it’s so boring to do all the correct runs! Like if you watch X-Factor, all the girls sing the same way. It can sound good, but for me, you sing because you feel for it, and you grab your sound, you know?

Jamie: For sure. So how’s the tour going so far?

Mette: It’s going good. Right now we’re … somewhere! [Laughs] I’m going to go out and eat some breakfast after we finish, and I don’t know what I’m going to get. There’s always a burger on the menu.

Jamie: I take it you’re a fan of burgers?

Mette: If it’s good! Sometimes you kind of feel like, okay, no burgers today. The other thing you can get is pizza, or something with cheese. [Laughs] I’m so excited to drive around – every place has its own culture. It feels so good to play new songs and meet new people every night. It’s such a special feeling when you play in a band – it’s not easy, but if you work hard at it and you play together and look at each other while you’re onstage, and then look at the audience, it’s such a pure feeling. I think it’s why people make music.

Jamie: Do you guys get an opportunity to get out and explore the city when you’re touring, or is it like you’re constantly prepping for your next show?

Mette: It really depends on how long the drive has been and how long it takes to get through the border! [Laughs] And also, right now I’m talking to you, sometimes I have a lot of interviews or we have a lot of different things to do, and then you don’t actually feel like going out. We would love to be able to explore more, but sometimes it’s just not possible, you know? We can come back on vacation, because we are working! It’s hard work - it’s every day, and it’s a lot of prep time.

Jamie: I’m sure it must get pretty tiring, constantly traveling.

Mette: Yeah, but you know, every job is tiring in some ways, but hopefully you will enjoy it more than … not. [Laughs] I’m just happy to be able to do what I do.

Jamie: Where do you see yourself in five years? Do you think you’ll ever have a solo career, or does that not interest you?

Mette: I’ve played music for many, many years and I love to play music with people. It’s definitely an opportunity, but I’m doing this right now and I take things as they come.

Jamie: Anything you’re dying to say before we sign off?

Mette: We just want to give people a good … what do you say?

Jamie: A good show? A good time?

Mette: A good time! A moment that can never be put down with your iPhone, you know? [Laughs] People always record everything, and it’s like, just enjoy it, man! You can’t get this down and it will never be the same again – this is a once in a lifetime moment.

Jamie: There’s nothing like a live show – it can’t be imitated.

Mette: That’s why you go out to a live show!

Jamie: Well, I wish you the best of luck on your tour, and I hope you have a great time in Toronto!

Mette: Take care, and spread the word!