Jason Mraz – Love Is A Four Letter Word – Album Review

Atlantic Records

By Sean Farquharson


Holy WOW! Jason Mraz knocks it out of the ballpark with his new album “Love Is A Four Letter Word!” The album features a mixture of great up-tempo songs and heartfelt summertime grooves. This is exactly the standard of music that the music industry should be delivering, and Jason Mraz has. The album he has produced outdoes its predecessors tenfold!

The release kicks off with a great tune titled “The Freedom Song.” Starting off as a mellow jam, the tune has a very positive message to send to the listener. It evolves into an island feel that Mraz pulls off so well. Finally the song shifts again, evolving into a big band jam, featuring an exceptionally strong brass section and great background harmonies, while maintaining the offbeat themes introduced in the beginning of the song. The track creates expectations and exceeds them constantly. As a result, this song is officially starting off my “Summer Time Jams” playlist.

This is followed with another great offering, which maintains the summer time feeling. Lyrically, Mraz reminds us to “live in the moment,” utilizing genuinely catchy melodies that tie the album together. It also features “I Won’t Give up”, an “all-time Jason Mraz great” that’s worth the inclusion, given that he reaches back to his past, while at the same time moving forward with his music. In this way he provides the listener with the best of both worlds on his album. Mraz continues to use strong topics throughout the rest of the recording, and provides great music and instrumentation for the listener.

“Love Is A Four Letter Word” is an incredibly strong release, that exceeds expectations. A great summertime jam album.