Josh Ritter - So Runs the World Away album review


by Melissa Doyle

Definitely not the first, but without a doubt one of his best, Josh Ritter with his new album So Runs the World Away has a witty sound that leaves you yearning for more.  Once you get interested in a song, you realize that it is coming to an end and a new one is beginning. 

The song that leads the album “Curtains” is so short it’s much of a stumble, and yet, it perfectly blends right into the album. With no lyrics, it allows for a gentle transition rather than a loud start for the album. 

Ritter uses sounds to replace lyrics, in a sense. This holds true for the song “Rattling Locks”, the beginning of the song actually sounds similar to someone shaking a lock, which, of course, is the mixture of guitar and drums together, allowing for the rattling sound to shine through. 

Through all of his songs, Ritter leaves a long pause between lyrics of verse and chorus, which leaves the listener holding onto each emotion they feel, taking in a new one like a breath of air, before plunging into an ocean. His story telling style works well, layering music and lyrics.