Living Colour – Opera House, Toronto – April 13, 2013

Review and Photos by Aaron Tamachi

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The night of April 13th was a night to remember for the many nostalgic fans of legends Living Colour.  The show also featured a few awesome bands from Toronto, one of which was the homegrown 5-piece alt-rock band, Polarity.

The crowd easily bonded with Polarity during the length of their 40 minute set. Polarity was able to pull the crowd in with the soft and seductive vocals, with the cool and often haunting lull of guitars, and the sway from the sexy bass lines. The energy from Polarity was so evident, it was nearly contagious. These guys had it all. They pumped up the crowd up and readied them for an auspicious performance from supporters, Morre.

Nope, that wasn’t a typo—Morre is another Toronto-based entity and a fantastic band that assumed the stage next. This edgy band was just short of blowing the minds of the now nearly fully packed in room. With a 40-minute set, the band knew how to use it. They had a high level of fan interaction along with an intricate sound that encapsulated the audience members. Fans could be seen and heard in various spots of the venue, dancing and swaying from side to side while commenting on the music and saying they loved the sound. You can’t get a greater compliment than that!

…or so I thought.  After all, this was before Living Colour came on stage.

These legends have seen and experienced it all. In forming in ’86, these kings of pretty well every genre took the reins wholeheartedly, and pushed it hardcore until they broke up in ’95. They had a successful reunion in 2000, and have been experiencing success again ever since. You know that song that always played when you were playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andrea’s? How about that song everyone loved on Guitar Hero 3? It was Living Colour, continuing to blow the minds of present-day youth with vintage tunes, and this show was the chance for them to experience the band live.

Ascending the stage, all 4 original members of Living Colour broke the silence of the expectant crowd with “Preachin’ Blues” followed up with the song everyone was anticipating, “Cult of Personality”.  Undoubtedly it was a showstopper, and proved that the song, much like the band, gets better with age. 

Admittedly, Living Colour were not in fact in the shape or condition to do back flips and stage dive, however, they played better and stronger than most young bands do. Consistently, Corey Glover (vox) delivered pitch-perfect vocals and breathtaking wails and squeals which left audience members

thunderstruck. Fan favourites included “Glamour Boy’s” as it pulled into an intense ten-minute drum solo, “Cult of Personality”, “What’s Your Favourite Colour?” and “Bi.” Closing their incredible and panty-dropping set was and an encore that included “Wall”, “Love Rears its Ugly Head”, and the well placed “Time’s Up”.

It’s clear why these guys are still playing and are still highly effective, and clearly they can pass on a thing or two….. or ten…. to the younger generation of musicians. 

The night was perfect, from the bands, to their performances, and right down to the crowd interaction. True perfection at its peak!

Living Colour Setlist

Preachin’ Blues
Cult of Personality
I Want to Know
Middle man
Desperate People
Open Letter (To A Landlord)
Funny Vibe
Memories Can’t Wait
Broken Hearts
Glamour Boys
What’s Your Favourite Colour?
Which Way to America? (With drum solo)
Leave it Alone
Ignorance is Bliss


Love Rears its Ugly Head
Time’s Up

Were you even there?

You said nothing of substance about the actual performances, made up stuff about Polarity and Morre's performances (fan interaction??), and got the setlist wrong. You could have written this from home.


Setlist is right; I was photographing in the photo pit with him, and took photos of the actual setlist fucking dumb prick. Some fan you are

Me the idiot? LOL

They didn't play Leave It Alone or Time's Up, even though it was on the printed setlist dumbass.

Check their official website twitter feed or if you don't believe me.

Now go away.

Sorry, I meant Ignorance is

Sorry, I meant Ignorance is Bliss wasn't played, not Leave It Alone.

Still LOL at me not being a fan. You know a fan would recognize the songs played, not just read the names off a list.

I guess if you took the

I guess if you took the photos you were there (great photos BTW) but the written review is really lacking detail and substance.

Hey Mr ' I guess'

"I guess" if the review was truly lacking detail and substance, the band and their public relations manager wouldn't have used it on the band's site and social media pages. But guess what? They did!

Original Members

Living Colour is a stellar band. Of course, they were excellent. Too bad the writer doesn't own Vivid. If he did, he might know who the original members were.

original members

I hate sloppy research. Living colour had a female singer named DK Dyson before Corey became singer. And of course every Living Colour fan know that Muzz Skillings wasthe original bass player not Doug Wimbish.

Hmmm..... then effectively

Hmmm..... then effectively what you're saying is that the band and their PR have their heads up their asses, 'cuz they loved it and shared it to the band's page.....just fyi.

The fact is, most EVERY band goes through numerous line-up changes prior to signing with a label and making their mark. If reviewers were to cite every single change prior to a band hitting their stride, they'd have zero time to review the actual show. Band managers, PR, labels KNOW this..... too bad you don't!!! But, I guess that's why you don't review, you just critique. Ya, I get it; that part is much, much easier.

"original members"

it's fine... who cares that LC went through 4 changes before getting to Vivid. dk whatever who cares and the rhythm section that went to steve winwood etc...

Doug Wimbish has been in the band longer than Muzz. no diss to muzz, but let it be... and if you want to get douchey, LC started as a 3 piece and muzz wasn't the so-called "original" member anyways... lighten up