Mediazoic - A New Era

By Vanessa Markov
Photos by Jeff Chalmers

Great ideas don’t usually materialize out of thin air; instead, most of the best ideas in history formed as a result of recognizing limitations within an existing system. This is especially true with ideas pertaining to new technology, the way people express themselves, and how we communicate with one another. Together we are constantly exploring new ways to create and enhance not only how we reach one another, but also how we express ourselves and relate to those we are reaching. According to Greg Nisbet, this is the Mediazoic era.

While many of us either believe or have heard that these advances in technology and social media inhibit human contact and depersonalize interaction, Greg saw an opportunity to further connect people online. Literally defined as “media animal”, Mediazoic is a new service which embraces the concept that we are living in a digital era, where people are almost always connected to some form of media, and provides a new means by which we can share media with each other.

Based on the very reasonable prediction that we will continue adapting and creating new ways of using technology to socialize, Mediazoic somewhat bridges the gap between online entertainment and social interaction by allowing individuals and businesses alike to create and manage their own streaming internet radio station. The streamer (or deejay) can upload any kind of mp3 file – not just music – so the possibilities are truly endless. Better yet, the Mediazoic “tuner” allows streamers to embed their station just about anywhere on the web, including personal websites, blogs, and popular social networks.

What I love about this idea is it opens people up to a whole new world of music that, up until this point, must generally be sought directly by the listener. I am one of those people who is constantly trying to convince those who think “music sucks these days” that they just aren’t looking hard enough...well, now they don’t have to, thanks to Mediazoic. Now, people who know exactly where to find great music can spend less time arguing with those who don’t, and more time directing them to their personal streaming radio station, where the chances of discovery are just as high (but far more rich and personal) than the radio as we know it – to give you just one example.

Mediazoic celebrated its official launch at Revival on March 31 before going live at midnight. The launch party included a private reception with presentations and guest speakers, followed by a public show with live performances by Dave Borins, Courage My Love, The Ruby Spirit, Gloryhound, and Jumple. See the Mediazoic website linked above for more information about this service, fees, and advertising opportunities.