Megadeth / Mandroid Echostar – Casino Rama Resort, Orillia – July 19, 2014

Review and Photos by Darren Eagles

Metal made its way north for a rare shred-tastic double bill at Casino Rama Resort this past Saturday night.  Thrash metal pioneers Megadeth and Guelph native prog-metal newcomers Mandroid Echostar unleashed a no nonsense guitar storm on the head banging fans.

Opening the show, Mandroid Echostar worked a short 4-song set that was long on technical expertise, solid songwriting and pure power.  Three guitars, an animated bassist, a Swiss watch drummer, and a vocalist who adds a clean high register sound, and you have a recipe for greatness on the horizon for this band.  

Dave Mustaine and Co. took the stage as 3 giant video screens came to life with “Hangar 18” from the band’s fourth album released back in 1990.  Megadeth has been instrumental in the thrash metal genre since back in the early eighties.  With monster guitar chops, Mustaine plows through the speediest riffs and thunderous crunch along with guitarist Chris Broderick.  As a team they bring to life everything from the very old to the very new.  The setlist was a broad swath of the band’s over 30 years of material, with something for everyone. 

Mustaine’s gritting teeth growling vocals were front and center in hits “Sweating Bullets” and “Symphony of Destruction”.  He seemed to be happy addressing the crowd at various times throughout the show, even taking a “selfie” with the crowd in the background before heading back to the “Rust In Peace” album for “Tornado of Souls”.  Mustaine let the crowd know that Megadeth is part Canadian to a torrent of cheers for drummer Shawn Drover.  

Handling the monumental task of driving the bass in the band is veteran Dave Ellefson.  He and Mustaine have been working as a team since the beginning and it shows in their stage presence and expertise.  

The only new material from 2013’s Super Collider was “Kingmaker”.  And that song stands among some of the band’s best work.  “Peace Sells” ended the main set, with Mustaine working in a short and smokin’ guitar solo before the song was over.  

Returning after a short break, Mustaine paced the stage working the crowd, as an exuberant fan jumped the barrier and ended up onstage to meet Dave.   Security will be re-briefed on their job description following the show.  The crowd was shouting out their expected encore song title as Mustaine finally gave in and tore into their customary set ending “Holy Wars… The Punishment Due”.  This should not be the last pure metal show at Casino Rama if the approval of the fans is any judge.   


Hangar 18 

Wake Up Dead 

In My Darkest Hour 

Set the World Afire 

Sweating Bullets 



A Tout Le Monde 

Public Enemy No. 1 

Tornado of Souls 


Symphony of Destruction 

Peace Sells 


Holy Wars... The Punishment Due