Misguided Aggression – Flood the Common Ground – Album Review

by Samantha Wu


Loud, aggressive and in your face, a band that assaults your senses, sends your head for a spin, tears you up from the inside out then leaves you in a mess on the floor. This is Misguided Aggression, a metal unit hailing from southwestern Ontario that's been ripping up the scene since 2004. Their latest release, Flood the Common Ground, is here to further cement their staying power in the Ontario metal scene by giving fans another lethal dose of what they've grown addicted to.

The album is fierce, skillfully crafted, and packed with an acute musical precision that comes from years of dedication to their craft and could make metal greats like Lanb of God and Pantera (a few of the band’s listed idols) stand up proud. Each song on their nine-track release comes with its own unique sense of impending doom. The guttural growl and vocal intensity from Rob DeMedeiros is something that needs to be heard to be believed. The dual guitars delivered by Randy Allcock and Ben Dobson provide a multidimensional arena of heavy shredding and powerful riffs.

Misguided Aggression has always been known for its powerfully intense live shows, proving to many a fan that deep in the pit is the place to be. Playing their album with your speakers cranked while headbanging in the confines of your room is one thing, but experiencing these guys live is entirely something else, so be sure to hit the band’s web page soon www.misguidedaggression.com to find a venue where Misguided Aggression will be playing.

Track Listings

1. Intro
2. Winter Soldier
3. Chasing Sanity
4. The Visionary
5. The First Stone
6. Humility
7. Autonomy
8. Hidden Empire
9. Flood the Common Ground

Fuck yeah!

I used to hit uP their local shows back in Woodstock and hit their afterparties. They throw down at the show so fuckin intense! Their afterparties are ones you want to be at! They are amazing and this album shows nothing less than their best!

Love the band, and miss partying with you guys! Hailing from Alberta now still head banging to Misguided Aggression!

~Craig Versaevel