Interview with Anthony Chick of the Parlor Mob - December 15, 2011

Photos by Darren Eagles

New Jersey 5-piece, The Parlor Mob, made waves with the release of their debut studio album, “And You Were a Crow”, with music journalists drawing comparisons to the likes of Led Zeppelin. But while the band was flattered by such an...


An Interview with Shinya of Dir En Grey - December, 16 2011

by Samantha Wu

Dir En Grey is a band unlike any other, especially one that many North American fans have seen. Hailing from Tokyo, Japan, Dir En Grey delivers their brand of hard yet melodic heavy metal, and fuel it with poetic Japanese lyrics, stunning visuals...


Interview with Aaron Bruno from AWOLNATION - December 9th, 2011

By Mike Bax

One of the sleekest albums of this year is a debut recording of material from Aaron Bruno, who records under the...