Interview with Jim Cuddy - September 26, 2011

By Jamie Lincoln

ef-fort-less (adjective): requiring or involving no effort; displaying no signs of effort; easy: an effortless writing style.

cool (adjective): calm; composed; under control: to remain cool in the face of disaster.

ef-fort-less-ly cool (man): Jim Cuddy...


Interview with Daniel, Shane and Brad from Kopek - September 20th, 2011

Conducted on Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Interview by Mike Bax

After a VERY lengthy crawl through thick traffic, I JUST made my interview with Kopek at the Horseshoe before the band played a tight set of material to an interested crowd on a Tuesday night in Toronto. I’m perpetually early, so running up Queen Street with my microphone and...


Interview with Jeff Brown of Art of Dying - September 14, 2011

Conducted at Uproar Festival on Wednesday September 14th 2011

By: Alex Young

Art of Dying is one of Canada’s premiere up and coming hard rock acts that is quickly becoming an international touring sensation since they released...