House of Marley Product Launch Party at Ultra Supper Club
 - Monday, October 24th, 2011

By Vanessa Markov
Photos by Vanessa Markov

I never imagined a product launch party would be one of the highlights of my year in terms of events, but then again I never imagined I’d ever be in a room surrounded by several members of the Marley family including the revered Marley matriarch, Mama...


Interview with Dustin Kensrue of Thrice – Conducted October 20, 2011

By Sarah Myers
Photo by Valerie Bennett

Sarah: So the tour is pretty well underway at this point. What’s it been like this time around?

Dustin: It’s been really good. Great bands, really good people…the shows have been going overall really well. There were a couple ones that were a little rough but that’s always the case.

Sarah: What made them rough?



Interview with OB of Kill The Autocrat – October 25, 2011

Kill The Autocrat, headed up by OB from Sudbury, Ontario, creates protest music in the form of hip hop/rock. Music aficionado Alan Cross has described the band as making the kind of music that “might fill the gap left by the lack of any new material from Rage Against the...