Canada’s Walk of Fame - 2011 Inductees Announced - Windsor Arms Hotel, Toronto - June 28, 2011

Review and Photos by Lisa McDonald (Live Music Head)

Canada's Walk of Fame is a non-profit, volunteer driven organization.
We have chosen as our mission to engage Canadians in celebrating those who
have excelled in music, sport, film, television, as well as literary, visual, performing arts, science and innovation. ~ mission statement, Canada’s Walk of Fame



An interview with Dave Ellefson of Megadeth - June 21st, 2011

By Mike Bax
Press photo by Stephanie Cabral

Although Dave Ellefson is a founding member of Megadeth, he and frontman Dave Mustaine had a falling out in 2002 that actually disbanded the group for a time. When Megadeth re-formed shortly after, Ellefson was not in the line-up. Early last year, the Daves (Ellefson and Mustaine) patched up their differences and...


Interview with Mark Foster of Foster The People - The Mod Club, Toronto - June 18th, 2011

Foster The People v. Lithium Magazine
06.18.11 @ The Mod Club

Myles LaCavera
Photos by Mike Bax

Foster The People is secretly plotting to take over the world, I know they are, with Mark Foster’s unassuming charm and a record full of unflinchingly upbeat...