The Best Of 2014 According to Writer Kat Harlton

By Kat Harlton

When you go to as many shows and events as I do, and review countless amounts of albums, trying to determine what was the best of the whole year was is hard. How do you compare a great live performance by a new band at NXNE to seeing a favorite major artist at the ACC? How do you stack up interviewing celebrities and covering a major Canadian event to standing beside...


Best Albums of 2014 According to Writer Rick Andrade

By Rick Andrade


Manic Street Preachers - Futurology

After last year's sepia-toned Rewind The Film, the Manics teased that the remaining sessions would be a different beast. Instead of acting like stale leftovers, Futurology is an album bursting with ideas and vitality and it can easily rank among the greatest achievements in an...


Best Albums and Live Shows of 2014 According to Writer Andrew Horan

By Andrew Horan

Best Albums of 2014 

1. St. Vincent - St. Vincent (Loma Vista/Republic)

2. The Balconies - Fast Motions (Coalition Records)

3. Timber Timbre - Hot Dreams (Arts & Crafts)