Robot Bomb Shelter – Cobra Nightclub - March 9, 2011

Review and Photos by Dave MacIntyre

Canadian Music Week 2011

I never make it part of my normal routine to start off a Canadian Music Fest evening with bass-heavy electronic music and then move on to folky-acoustic sets. Really good techno is infectious and gets trapped in my head, making the appreciation for a banjo playing musician challenging. So what made Wednesday night different then? Jake Brower did.

To the misfortune of patrons who didn’t arrive early, the artist better know as Robot Bomb Shelter, the San Francisco based electro wizard worked his brand of catchy dance tunes to a steadily filling room. What makes RBS’s music so unique is the fact that he creates it on the spot using a laptop and an Akai APC40. Everything coming from the speakers is improvised, original and highly magnetic in its appeal, as those who did take advantage of the roomy dance floor would testify. It was a fantastic set, but as feared, ruined any hopes I had of listening to other bands that night. I headed home with Robot Bomb Shelter’s 10-track CD Staring at Screens booming through my speakers.

my son

oh honey i wish i could have been there to see you!!!! i love you. mommy

Awwww...I love you, too, Mom!

Mom...thanks for the wonderful message on here. It was a great show and it would have been nice to see you in the crowd. I'll be playing near you hopefully soon.

Love you!