Teitur – Let The Dog Drive Home – Review

Arlo & Betty Recordings

by Canute Gomes


While going back to the basics, Teitur Lassen strips down his musical art in creating a simple, elegant masterpiece that thrives on its listener’s full attention. Let The Dog Drive Home will be the latest release from the artist, set to hit stores January 31st.

With the formation of this album it seems as though Teitur has achieved a very calm and safe aura. Building from the ground up, this collection was recorded in where Teitur describes as the “safe surroundings” of Copenhagen and the Faroe Islands. He had decided to stay true to his basic songwriting skills saying, “This is because I've learned that you become the music you write.”

In order to fully immerse yourself in this album, one would have to listen to these songs multiple times as just once would not do it justice. Each track has its own story behind it, realizing as you listen that you may find some relation to the life you have lived. An all too familiar story about how parents often wish for all the things you couldn’t do vs. someone who did all the right things, is found in “Freight Train”. Other notable songs include “Betty Hedges” which speaks about the fear of making decisions, and “All I Remember From Last Night is You” which Teitur describes as, “I once woke up remembering nothing but a girl and I always feel very guilty if I've had too much to drink. It's a necessary sin to get drunk.”

Gaining praise for his work from the likes of Rufus Wainwright, KT Tunstall, Aimee Mann, and John Mayer, Teitur has grown as an artist over the years, finding his sweet spot with Let The Dog Drive Home. With a “night radio music” vibe that is sure to sit well with its listeners, Teitur is surely an artist to keep a close eye on for the years to come.

For information on Teitur’s North American tour check out http://www.flemingartists.com/artists/itineraries/te-itin.html.