Timbuktu - Stranger Danger album review

Backburner Records

By: Matt Ing

As I write this review, I’m realizing how many great underground rappers are coming right from under our nose; South Western Ontario that is. Surely, Toronto has a handful of big names but let’s not forget about places like Kitchener, where newcomers like Justis and his producer Mantis are from, and also the Forest City of London. For this is the official place that you can find Timbuktu…the 13-year-rap veteran, that is.

Timbuktu, long time member of the nitty gritty Toolshed crew has finally released his debut solo album entitled, Stranger Danger. In it, ‘Buk unleashing shameless yet amusing rhymes to some tweaked boom bap beats. Another plus to the album is that it’s filled with enough DJ record cuts to keep an old school junkie satisfied.

Stranger Danger is an eccentric, goofy, yet articulated album with stand out tracks of the same nature. “X-Files” and “Smell The Glove” are two that stand out the most on this 15-track compilation. We also see an appearance from D-Sisive, on both tracks.

If you’re looking for a fun and upbeat rapper who also has a nice flow, Timbuktu is your guy. His level of goofiness on this album reminds me of the Beastie Boys (coincidentally he actually uses a Beastie Boys sample from their track “The New Style,” on his “The New Science”) and the weird hiccup sound that his voice makes when he hits a high pitch is very reminiscent of an early Common Sense.

Other notable tracks on the album include “Authority Figures” and “Memory Stew.”