Toolshed - The Lost Review

Label: Handsolo Records

By Matt Ing

It’s Psybo, Chokeules and Timbuktu, also known as the Toolshed crew! Lyrics taken from the chorus of “Peppercorn,” the trip come nice right off the bat. The dudes of Toolshed are no strangers to the game as they come heavy with their fifth studio album, “The Lost.” First and foremost, I’ve got to give a big shout out to ‘Buk for managing to once again prove himself as a great boom-bap producer. Like I said in my review for “Stranger Danger,” ‘Buk is your quintessential goofy-sounding rapper, but trust me; his producing attributes are off the chain. The beats on “The Lost” are as fresh as freshly ground peppercorn. Yes, pun intended.

A group like Toolshed really gives Canada’s hip-hop scene a well deserved boost. The trio has been writing and recording together for almost a decade and a half, and it shows. Toolshed kind of sounds like an underground, more street version of the Beastie Boys, not because they’re a trio, but mainly because of their uncanny verses - witty like: “The way they rock over a break, yep it’s easy; pump like they’re Don Cherry yellin’ at his TV,” will have you applauding their sarcastic humour for weeks on end. Another great thing about this record is that it stays true to its underground, turntable roots. You don’t really get much scratching or raw samples on records anymore unless they come from the underground community, so kudos to the ‘Shed for staying true.

Shout out to Chokeules on this album because if you appreciate it when an emcee ‘goes in’ on a track, which also means that he sounds like he’s attacking it (to any of the non urban-speaking people of today) then you’ll really appreciate Choke’s approach. Choke steps up to the plate and put the beat in a vice-grip as he makes it gasp for air with his unstoppable verses.

Notable tracks on this album are “Flavor Saviors,” “Round Table” which features helping hands from More Or Les, Wordburglar and Savilion, and my personal favourite, “Hit ‘Em with His Running Shoes,” which features Ghettosocks on the joint.