The Veer Union – Divide the Blackened Sky Album Review

Rocket Science Ventures

By Tina Dealwis

Divide the Blackened Sky is the sophomore release from Vancouver rock band The Veer Union. A lot has happened to TVU since their debut album, Against the Grain. Over the last two years, the band was released from its record label, Universal Motown Records, and in February 2012—just one month before the release of the new album—band members Marc Roots (bass) and James Fiddler (guitar) left the group.

Divide the Blackened Sky takes the listener through the personal journey of the band’s struggles, told through music, and of the hopelessness and hard times they’ve been through during the last two years. Filled with 10 strong songs, Divide the Blackened Sky has a dark, edgy, hard rock vibe, and conveys a clear story of difficult times and anguish, but also of hope and a determination to succeed.

The first track, “Borderline,” sets the tone for the album with lyrics like “I’m tired of being told to bite my tongue / I want to scream at the top of my lungs.” The next song, “Bitter End,” which is the first single and video, is probably my favourite on the album. The lyrics are hopeful and speak of reinvention and perseverance. The tempo slows slightly, with a heavy, driving rock beat for the next track, “I Will Remain,” which again illustrates the band’s turmoil. “Buried in the Ground” is a haunting song, described by singer Crispin Earl as the track that may be the biggest departure for the band. The tempo slows again with a dynamic rock rhythm for “Inside our Scars” and “Silent Gun.” The title track, “Divide the Blackened Sky”, features heavy guitar and drums, and sums up the theme of anguish, heartbreak, and questioning the ability to forge a better future. “Stolen” concludes the dark tone of the album.

I loved this album. Filled with strong, melodic hard rock, and relatable, highly personal lyrics, Divide the Blackened Sky creates a connection between artist and listener. The quality and personal nature of this release demonstrates that this band may have been down, but definitely isn’t out. Highly recommended.