Young The Giant - The Sound Academy, Toronto, ON - March 01, 2012

By Corrie Fildey
Photos by Darren Eagles

Young The Giant is gaining in popularity, as the band was originally set to perform at Toronto’s Phoenix Concert Theatre but due to high demand the gig was moved to The Sound Academy, last minute. Fans that missed the opportunity to buy tickets for The Phoenix were given a second chance when tickets went on sale for the Sound Academy performance……. and once again the show sold out. With the venue sorted out, Young The Giant finally took the stage on March 1st, with opening band Walk The Moon, originating from Ohio and performing in Canada for the first time. It was a phenomenal way for the band to make their debut appearance, given that the entire venue was packed.

As the crowd eagerly anticipated Young the Giant, it started to feel as though the wait time was dragging. Standing beside the soundboard, located mid-venue, it was easy to witness the collective anxiety level of the audience as it continued to rise. Then literally seconds away from the band taking the stage, their entire lighting system crashed. The technician had to haul in a whole new system last minute and basically winged the whole set-up. Nevertheless, it turned out to look pretty damned awesome. Heading back to the soundboard, he mouthed the words “never a dull moment” which seemed to usher the show into play.

With a loud roar and round of applause from the show goers, Young The Giant finally appeared and any upset at the technical delay that might have existed among fans quickly vanished. The band opened their set with “I Got” and “Guns Out”. Despite the song’s slow melodies the fans were bouncing around to both songs and the intensity of lead singer, Sameer Gadhia, helped to keep the energy up. From the first song to the last, Gadhia’s voice stayed balanced to perfection, delighting appreciative fans with vocals that actually sound better live than on a studio album. The eccentric energy continued to flow throughout the venue as the band continued their hour-long set with “12 Fingers”, “Cough Syrup”, “Every Little Thing”, “Strings”, and “God Made Man”.

Despite the fact that show goers were packed into the building like sardines in a can, everyone appeared happy, as the enjoyed the music and showed signs of not wanting it to end. Between songs, the band spoke of their love for the city of Toronto and the fact that they have both family and friends living here, so its likely safe to say they will be returning to another show in the near future.

YtG left the stage briefly but without much encouragement they returned for an encore that included their hit song “Apartment” followed by “Islands”. The fans remained anxiously in place, hopeful for one more song as they waited for the band’s hit single, “My Body”, which materialized next.

Seconds before, Gadhia asked everyone to welcome Tokyo Police Club to the stage to join them on their last song, and the crowd went wild. The building was shaking as fans danced together for the hit number, as Young The Giant, Tokyo Police Cub and openers Walk The Moon also danced together on stage for one of the most epic encores of 2012 thus far.